A work in progress

We don’t always start our days on time or with the right foot, but we are willing to keep the light on after the closing hours, working on that table, or that shelf, on that chair and on that piece of wood that will remind us about the journey that we believe in. Even though we might not be the greatest, we are for sure in the process of growing the most beautiful 《Seeds of Kenosis》right here, right now.

Together, with one heart, in community with the “small” and the “big”; depending on grace and love, making ourselves vulnerable, soft, interested, willing to get on our knees, to wipe that floor and clean those shoes; hoping, really hoping that one day, we can all sit together, not interested in our clothing and what our pockets are filled with, but thirsty for friendship and the gifts that come from the depth of our hearts.

So right now this is who we are. A community of broken people that believe in one another and are not willing to give up easily just because we don’t look as great as the society tells us too.

Let us not give in easily, but rather turn our brokenness into the most beautiful story that can be told… just like our broken tables and serving boards… fixed with beautiful inserts and bowties, with epoxy and all the details needed, that in the end, everybody knows, there is beauty in brokenness so we shall always lift and love for it is worth it !

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