When you engage in your daily life, what do you see ? What are your thoughts ? Do you see yourself at your full potential like these pieces of wood ? If someone with no vision looks at them, they are almost invisible, nothing interesting enough to get attention drawn to them.

But, look at that… this place is filled with unique beautiful pieces of wood, all very different in their own way, they just need a little bit of nurture, sanding, patiece and passion, and they will come out incredibly beautiful.

I wonder how would our society look like if we would pay little bit more attention to one another. Let’s try together to make this difference. Let’s look, listen and care . 

I am challenged by the thought that we live this life and make products that will have such a great honor and respect for the earth and people that we will not take over, but instead collaborate in a way that life will grow and the fruit in the long term will be abundant.

I think this is what #kenosis is about. To not take over but to serve in a self sacrificing way, that life and fruit will be growing all-around, that we might have so much that we can share with those who don’t. That our generosity will take over and make room for all to sit at the same table. Rejoice over life and celebrate the great gift of life together .

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